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Donetsk Situation Report, 12.09.2016

The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense.

Over the past day, the Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire 108 times, which indicates the decrease in the number of shelling after our warning about severe response measures. At the same time, the AFU command has intensified the subversive activities of their Special Operation Forces.

In total, the Ukrainian punishers launched on the territory of the Republic 58 82 and 120mm mortar shells, with 29 of them landing in the locality of Yasinovataya. The enemy also opened fire from infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms.

There were also shelled the following localities: Vasilyevka, Spartak, Alexandrovka, Dokuchaevsk, Sakhanka, Leninskoye and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk city.

At the same time, we note the work of subversive groups of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, sent to the territory of the Republic. In particular, yesterday, at about 23:10, in the Shakhtyorsk military commissariat, in the Theatre St, 8, there was exploded an unidentified explosive device planted from outside on a window sill of the first floor of the building. As a result of the explosion, organized by a Ukrainian subversive group, one civilian received numerous wounds, a guard who was making a round in the building and was riddled with shards of glass. In addition, the building was damaged, in particular, a window shattered and a grill torn off.

After the blast, there are being carried out operative-investigative activities. According to preliminary information, the explosion by the Ukrainian subversive group will be qualified as a terrorist act. 

Another terrorist attack was prevented by our forces today morning. Ukrainian saboteurs planted an explosive device with 400 grams of TNT, on the facade of the building Khartsysk military commissariat. The explosion was to have taken place in the morning, after the beginning of the reception of local residents. 

In this connection, we ask the civilians not to relax their vigilance, and if identifying suspects or suspicious items, immediately report to telephone hotlines in the military commandant's office, the Ministry of State Security, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

We emphasize that the actions of Ukrainian subversive groups of the AFU Special Operations Forces are directed exclusively against civilians and social facilities of the Republic. These facts, as well as the infiltration of saboteurs territory of the Republic and their fire from the taken positions on the locality of Krutaya Balka on September 10, until they were squeezed to their territory by our units, indicate the enemy's use of the most inhuman methods of war against civilians.

It is important to note that, while retreating to their territory after the committed provocations on September 10, the Ukrainian subversive groups suffered losses. According to our data, two soldiers of the 73rd maritime center for special purposes were injured. In total, there were involved two enemy’s groups of three persons each. It is possible that the saboteurs planned to open fire from our territory, including at the positions of their own troops, in order to provoke an aggravation of the conflict, as well as to document, by specially sent journalists, violations of the ceasefire from our side.

Our intelligence continues to reveal facts of the preparation by the Ukrainian military of bloody provocations and activation of the hostilities.

  • In the locality of Novotroytskoye (6 km away from the contact line), there was detected one 122 motorized artillery system «Gvozdika» and two cover armored personnel carriers;
  • In the locality of Petrovskoye (1 km away from the contact line), there were detected four infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2;
  • In the locality of Pribrezhnoye (15 km away from the contact line), there were detected six tanks;
  • In the locality of Shirokino (1.5 km away from the contact line), there was detected the arrival of six vehicles with ammunition and the personnel.

The detected equipment is placed in the green zone and thoroughly disguised.

We passed all the data about the Minsk Agreements violations by the Ukrainian side and the  placement of the equipment prohibited by the Minsk Agreements to representatives of the OSCE and JCCC.

The Ukrainian command is still unable to restore order in their units on the frontline. Another delay of the rotation caused rampant alcoholism and drug addiction in the 3rd battalion of the 30th separate mechanized brigade, as well as the mass theft of weapons and body armor for sale or exchange for alcohol and psychotropic substances. To bring order to the battalion, there arrived a commission of the control of the 30th brigade, including NATO psychologist specialists staying on the territory of Ukraine under the guise of advisers.

Thus, the enemy continues to implement measures aimed at the escalation of the conflict. All the blame for inciting it rests solely with the military command and the political authorities of Ukraine.

Vice-Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative command Donetsk,Colonel Eduard Basurin