Austrian Minister: Peace on the continent is only possible with Russia

00:35, 05.01.2017Politics

During his recent visit to Donbass, the Foreign Minister of Austria, Sebastian Kurz made a number of statements which, for obvious reasons, were not included in the Ukrainian media and severely upset the Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Klimkin.

The new OSCE chairman, the Austrian Minister Sebastian Kurtz addressed to the public, saying what many are afraid to say. 

‘Peace on our continent can only be with Russia, not against Russia, and no matter how it is difficult, but in this conflict, we need each other, we need to undertake new efforts, including with Russia, because otherwise there will not be a peaceful solution,’ reports the Minister’s words the German television channel ZDF, accompanying the OSCE delegation on the trip to Donbass.

The Austrian’s words outraged the Ukrainian Minister Klimkin, according to whom ‘to go to the Russians is the last thing the Ukrainians want’.

‘If the Russian eventually comply with theMinsk Agreements, we can talk about easing the sanctions, but Russia should be put under not less, but more pressure,’ quotes the Maidan diplomat the ZDF television.

It is known that the Austrian Minister is in favor of weakening the anti-Russian sanctions, which understandably causes irritation of Kiev. In particular, during the recent OSCE meeting in Hamburg, Sebastian Kurz said that he ‘wants to communicate with Moscow, despite the fact that Russia has crossed some «red lines»’. In an interview, the minister called for a ‘gradual de-escalation with the simultaneous lifting of the sanctions,’ writes the Austrian edition Kurier.

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