British media: Donbass' accession to Russia is solution of Ukrainian crisis

01:13, 31.08.2016Politics

The blame for the tragedy in Ukraine lies, more than on anyone else, on the European Union which wanted to include the country into ‘the empire never ceasing to expand’ and is now unable to cope with the resulting chaos, writes Christopher Booker in the Daily Telegraph. The only way out of this situation is to attach Donbass to Russia, and Putin knows that this will eventually happen.

‘Can you recall any serious international tragedy, in which Western politicians have turned reality upside down more than in this incessant Ukrainian crisis which has again started to gradually appear in the headlines?’ asks Christopher Booker on the Daily Telegraph pages.

According to the journalist, there is only one reason for the tragedy that occurred to Ukraine in winter of 2013-2014, and due to which the country is torn apart, which is namely ‘the insolent desire of the European Union, which enjoys the support of the United States, to include Ukraine in its empire never ceasing to expand’.

Therefore, the West was glad when the pro-Russian president, elected by the Ukrainian people, was replaced in a coup with the puppet-president, unelected but comfortable for the EU.

Even then, you could have confidently predicted that the Russian-speaking inhabitants of the Crimea and eastern Ukraine would rather be ruled by their Russian brothers in Moscow than  by ‘some strange government in Brussels, which they did not understand’.

On the part of the West, it was complete madness to react the way they reacted, says Christopher Booker. The US Secretary of State John Kerry called the Crimean referendum on joining Russia ‘an incredible act of aggression’, Prince Charles compared Putin to Hitler, and Baroness Catherine Ashton, the ridiculous then representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs, was welcomed in Kiev with cries ‘Europe, Europe!’ by 200 thousand of Ukrainians, many of whom were paid by Brussels.

Now, after three years of the civil war that has already claimed the lives of 9,000 people, Western leaders are unable, as ever, to cope with the chaos, for which they are to blame more than anyone else, says Christopher Booker on the Daily Telegraph pages. According to him, the only possible way out of this impasse is the accession of Eastern Ukraine to Russia.

‘President Vladimir Putin can wait with a mysterious smile, and be sure that, one way or another, it will happen one day,’ sums up the journalist.

According to: Daily Telegraph