Deynego: AFU shelling region of undermining of OSCE car

21:41, 23.04.2017

The AFU are shelling the area of the undermining of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) vehicle. This was reported by the authorized representative of the LPR at the Minsk talks, Vladislav Deynego. 

‘In the immediate vicinity of the site of the tragedy, explosions of shells are audible, there have already been about ten of them, so the Ukrainian side is interfering with the conduct of investigative actions.On the scene of the incident, there is at the moment an operative-investigative group of employees of the LPR General Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of State Security and Ministry of Internal Affairs,’ said Deynego, who is at the scene. 

A citizen of the United States was killed near Lugansk, German citizens were injured.

According to: Новости Донецкой Республики