DPR MP: There is a politician in Ukraine, interested in ending the war

00:49, 08.12.2016

A MP of the DPR People's Council, Valery Skorokhodov said that he knows a politician «in Ukraine», who is interested in ending the war. He stated this on the air of the talk-show «Meeting place» of the Russian NTV channel.

‘I beg to differ with the idea that in Ukraine there is not a single politician who is interested, first of all, in ending the war. I can say that there is such a politician in Ukraine, it is Alexander Zakharchenko, who will soon lead the country back to normal, to the legal field, who will hold a legitimate referendum to find out the will of the people on how to organize Ukraine. And we will live in peace with Russia, and quarrel with no one,’ he said.

‘You want to say that after all that has happened for 2.5 years in the South East, you, the people of South-Eastern regions, will be able to live in one country with Ukraine?’ asked the MP the host of the program, Andrey Norkin.

‘Who told you that millions of lives had not been given for the Lvov land in 1945, for our land, the united Soviet Union, that personally I, and Zakharchenko, and my colleagues will be given away to someone? To those fascists who have come and are killing our brothers and sisters in the rest of Ukraine? No, my friends, we will liberate it, in the first place by political means, which will lead to another Ukraine, to federalization and really peaceful life. We will not give up on it,’ Skorokhodov said.