LPR MP: Junta floods Donbass with waste and destroys its nature

02:17, 26.05.2017

Kiev disregards the rules of dumping chemical waste, destroys the nature of Donbass, pursuing a policy of environmental genocide of the population. This was stated by Vladislav Dubina, the Chairman of the Committee on Property and Land Relations, Natural Resources and Ecological Security of the LPR People's Council. 

‘Chemical waste is brought on the other side. It is not dispose of, but simply discarded. Somewhere it is buried in cemeteries or elsewhere, but this is far from being the case for the technology of handling such wastes,’ said Vladislav Dubina. 

According to him, Kiev has unleashed a real ecological genocide, which has resulted in ‘a growing number of oncological diseases in the Republic and in the frontline zone along the contact line’.

He reminded that the forests grown by generations in the Stanichno-Lugansky, Slavyanoserbsky, and Kremensky regions, were ‘the green lungs of the then Lugansk region’. 

‘The way the Ukrainian authorities treat the forests simply indicates that there is a genocide of the people who live on this land. This can not be called any differently. The owners do not behave that way on their own land,’ emphasized Vladislav Dubina. 

He added that Kiev calls residents of Donbass «terrorists», but in fact, it itself is a real terrorist regime.