DPR preparing exhibition war crimes of Ukraine in Donbass in Czech Republic

19:04, 09.07.2016

The Donetsk People's Republic is preparing the opening of the exhibition in the Czech Republic about the war crimes of Ukraine in Donbass, said the DPR Acting Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova at the "Foros readings».

According to her, recently the DPR has managed to open its representative center in the Czech Republic.

‘It is a public organization which was officially registered. It is registered with the Government of the Czech Republic. Moreover, without any quotation marks in the title and mentioning that it is allegedly a "terrorist organization»,’ said Nikonorova.

She noted that in the near future, the Czech Republic would host an exhibition of the DPR, similar to the exhibition that had already been presented in Madrid.

‘In Madrid, the photo exhibition was visited by several thousand people. The exhibition was dedicated to the two sides of the Republic’s life. it's terrible destruction by the AFU, the victims, the wounded and, on the other hand, what has been achieved for 2 years. This is rear cities where it is clean and beautiful, there are happy students and a parade to the day of the Republic on 11 May. There was a genuine interest on the part of the society and citizens of Spain. The same exhibition is planned in the Czech Republic,’ said the Foreign Minister.

Nikonorova added that, in addition to breaking the information blockade, the DPR office in the Czech Republic would negotiate with Western businessmen who are interested in cooperation with Donbass.

‘Right now we are at the stage of the arrival of first investors. We are preparing meetings with the heads of relevant ministers of the DPR and representatives of the industry,’ said Nikonorova.