DPR officially: All armed missions "from Poroshenko" to be attacked at attempt to cross the border

19:06, 25.05.2016

The DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko categorically rejected the idea of introduction of an international armed mission into the DPR under the pretext of ensuring security of elections, proposed by the official Kiev.

'The DPR Ministry of Interior fully guarantees the security of election commissions, candidates, voters, including IDPs coming to participate in the vote, journalists, observers, when it comes to elections. The primaries will allow to comprehensively work out this issue.

Poroshenko pushes through a foreign military mission with the help of Americans in order to occupy us under the guise of elections. Once again, I warn them that any foreign military mission will be considered as an aggression against the DPR. At the first attempt to enter our territory such a mission will be attacked by our armed forces,' said the Head of the DPR.