SBU document: In Ukraine, rebellion in AFU brewing

02:29, 27.02.2017

The News Front agency received a document testifying to the fact that the authorities in Ukraine are seriously concerned about the mood in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and are taking measures to curb ‘anti-government sentiments’. 

‘On the eve of the «Heavenly hundred» Memorial Day, the «ATO» headquarters observe the worsening of the social situation. There is recorded a significant increase in anti-government sentiments among the AFU military units, and especially among the nationalist armed formations,’ the document says. 

The «ATO» General Staff has decided to deliver to Donbass ‘the most loyal military forces’ to suppress potential protests. 

The Ukrainian officers were ordered to prosecute violators of law and order. 

The document classified as «personally» was addressed to the Head of the SBU in the former Lugansk region, Kozlovsky.

According to: Информационное агенство News Front