EU threatened Ukraine with deprivation of gas transit status

23:39, 26.09.2016Economics

The EU is angry with the clan fuss unfolding in Ukraine for the right to control the «Ukrtransgas» («Ukrainian Transit Gas»).

The EU harsh protest was caused by attempts of the Ukrainian authorities to combine the functions of gas transport and gas supplies within a single company «Ukrtransgas», which categorically contradicts the EU energy rules. Therefore, the EU warned Ukraine that the struggle between the power groupings around the "Ukrtransgas" could negatively affect the prospects for the EU financial assistance of the country and pose a threat to its status as a gas transit country.

The day before, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine was already forced to cancel their own decision to change the statute of the National Joint Stock Company «Naftogas of Ukraine», providing for the withdrawal of the public company «Ukrtransgas», the operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine, from the holding management.

The EU Energy Community Secretariat also warned that Kiev’s ignoring the EU rules ‘could jeopardize the role of Ukraine as a transit country’.

According to: Журналистская Правда