French political scientist nominated Putin for Nobel Prize

01:03, 21.12.2016

The head of the French Center for Political and International Relations (CFPA), Fabien Bossar announced that he had officially nominated Russian President Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize.

‘As the head of the CFPA, I have officially presented the candidacy by sending a letter to the Nobel Committee, saying that, in my opinion, the President Vladimir Putin may win the Nobel Peace Prize as a reward for his peacemaking efforts,’ said the analyst.

According to Bossar, it counts on the support of the nominated candidacy by other experts and politicians.

He noted that at his time, the President Barack Obama had received the Nobel Peace Prize when the US troops were still in Iraq. Thus, according to Bossar, the air strikes on the positions of the terrorists in Syria should not interfere with the award of the Nobel award to the Russian leader coming up with various peace initiatives.

‘I believe that the President Putin has earned it. He the only one who is fighting against terrorism in earnest,’ added the head of the organization.