Georgy Tuka condemned trade blockade of DPR and LPR

23:49, 27.12.2016Economics

The deputy minister of Ukraine «for the occupied territories», Georgy Tuka said that the decision of the volunteer battalions members to begin a trade blockade of the Donbass areas uncontrolleded by Kiev had not been agreed with the Ukrainian authorities, and that in the case of its organizers’ active steps, ‘they will receive an adequate reaction by the law enforcement’.

‘These actions are not coordinated with any government structure, hence installing any roadblocks, conducting any inspections, providing any sort of «permissions» (on goods transportation - Ed.) is illegal and will get a proper reaction on the part of the law enforcement,’ wrote Tuka on his Facebook page.

He added that he did not supports the idea of ​​the trade blockade of Donbass for another reason, because ‘he does not trust the organizers of the action’. Tuka is sure that this initiative ‘has its stagers from among those who call themselves «politicians» but who are dirty scoundrels’. The deputy minister also said he did not believe in the success of the pressure on the authorities of the DPR and LPR in this way.

According to: Новости Донецкой Республики