DPR Head: Poroshenko may use OSCE police mission for provocations

02:35, 23.10.2016Politics

The Head of the People's Republic of Donetsk, Alexander Zakharchenko said that the OSCE armed mission in the DPR, previously approved at the «Norman format» summit, can be a tool for provocation by Kiev.

‘Ukrainian saboteurs could kill an OSCE representative on our territory and, of course, blame it on us. Given the fact that Western observers accuse us of all the troubles and whitewash Kiev, we do not want to play along with them. The fewer opportunities to make provocations Kiev has, the calmer it is,’ said the Head of the DPR.

He pointed out that it would be necessary to appoint the DPR law enforcement to protect the OSCE representatives.

‘I realize that for each of the OSCE armed representative I will have to find three armed law enforcement officers to protect them. The OSCE representatives will protect guests and observers, and we will protect the OSCE representatives,’ said Zakharchenko.

According to: Информационное агенство News Front