Interior minister demanded authority to forcibly disperse blockade of Donbass

01:37, 01.03.2017

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov called on the «Antiterrorist Center» to adopt a package of decisions that would allow to accelerate the process of removing the trade and economic blockade of Donbass. He stated this during today's meeting of the Prime Minister Groisman with the steel industry representatives in Kiev. 

‘I appeal to the MPs: Dear colleagues, we should stop stalling for time, let's adopt a law that every citizen of Ukraine has the right to block the railway track. Would you like to have such a law? Such a law does not and shall not exist. Let’s then abide by the laws that we have and let's give the powers to the law enforcement agencies to restore the situation here,’ said Avakov. 

In addition, during the meeting, the head of the Interior Ministry accused the government of ‘boundless liberalism’ and called on the Cabinet to take decisive actions.

‘I would like to ask the leaders of the Antiterrorist center to weigh all the relevant decisions of the Antiterrorist center which oversees all military operations in the area of the antiterrorist operation, weigh everything ... and make an appropriate decision, and we will ensure this decision,’ added the head of the Interior Ministry. 

Today, unknown persons attempted to assault the blockade redoubt in Krivoy Torets. Later, according to the head of the National Police Department in the Donetsk region, Vyacheslav Abroskin, the police detained 37 persons who had participated in the assault. Now, the police are checking into the conflict on the blockade site near Torets. This was reported by the spokesperson of the Main Department of the National Police in the Donetsk region, Natalia Shiman. 

Earlier, it was reported that the humanitarian headquarters of the Rinat Akhmetov in Donetsk had stopped giving away the humanitarian aid to the population. This occurred after the statement of the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, on the planned nationalization of enterprises.

According to: Информационное Агенство Новороссия