Russian Orthodox Church: Covering Ukrainian conflict in the media should not lead to hatred

22:55, 07.01.2017Culture

The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill called on members of the media do everything in covering Ukrainian themes to avoid any feelings of hostility and negative attitude to the Ukrainian people in the hearts of men.

‘I understand that some of the stories which the media convey to us and which take place in Ukraine, are very annoying to the people, and excite a feeling of protest. But it is very important that this feeling of the protest should not grow into hatred. It is important that today the media should cover Ukrainian themes in a way to avoid any negative or hostile attitude towards Ukraine among our people,’ said the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in an interview with the television channel «Russia 1».

He noted that Russians and Ukrainians had been one people which, by force of circumstances, ‘has left to live in different apartments’. But, despite this, the Patriarch said, we remain people who are united by the common faith, common history and common values.

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