Head of SBU Gritsak: ISIS training camp near Dnepropetrovsk

05:22, 04.04.2016

After the terrorist attacks in Belgium French Senator Nathalie Goulet stated that there was a jihadist training camp in Ukraine. Later it was found out that she had received this information from the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak.

It was reported by the Ukrainian newspaper the Tyzhden (Week).

On air of the radio “France-Inter” French Senator said, "In the middle of Ukraine there operates a training camp for jihadists. After all, the second language which is spoken in the Islamic state is Russian. Just imagine, a training camp right next to us! Which is funded form this whole illegal trafficking in people and works of art’.

 The Tyzhden asked Nathalie Goulet where she had received the information from and where the camp was located.

‘The camp is in the Dnepropetrovsk region. There are trained people from the North Caucasus and Central Asia, Chechens, as well as Turks and Jordanians. My source is the head of the Ukrainian security services Vasily Grytsak,’ said the senator.

According to Goulet, it was the head of the Security Service of Ukraine who initiated the meeting, and his "contact person" Omar Harfouch who organized Gritsak’s visit to the office of Senator.

‘Mr. Gritsak gave me the dossier which I handed over, at his request, to the French secret services. I was just a mediator. Ask Gritsak for details,’ added Goulet.

To confirm herwords, the Senator showed a photo of Gritsak’s visit card.

According to the Tyzhden, Goulet handed the dossier of the camp over to a known French weekly.

The SBU spokesperson Elena Gitlyanskaya confirmed to the Tyzhden the fact of the meeting between Vasily Gritsak and Nathalie Goulet. However, she said that the topic of the meeting was quite different, without specifying it.

She also said that in Ukraine there was no stationary camps where radicals of the Islamic State would be trained. However, last year the SBU discovered a point of temporary shelter for members of the group ‘Islamic state’ in Dnepropetrovsk, and recently the Ukrainian special services have found four transit centers of ISIS supporters.