Gryzlov warned Ukrainian authorities on response measures to blockade of Donbass

00:35, 01.03.2017

The Ukrainian government must take action to end the blockade of Donbass. Otherwise, Ukraine will receive a response. This was stated by the Russian envoy to the Contact Group to resolve the conflict between Ukraine and Donbass, Boris Gryzlov. 

‘Today, on the eve of the next meeting of the Contact Group, I urge Kiev to take immediate effective measures relating to cessation of the transport and economic blockade of Donbass,’ he said. 

He noted that the transportation blockade is expanding. 

‘Such actions, actually aimed at the economic and social exclusion, will inevitably lead to retaliation,’ said Gryzlov.

‘Donbass is neither an enclave nor an island... We can not allow the humanitarian and socio-economic catastrophe on the territories, whose population exceeds the population of some European countries,’ he added. 

In addition, Gryzlov addressed to the Ukrainian authorities with an urgent requirement to provide guarantees of security and continuous operation of the Donetsk filtration plant. 

‘This important infrastructure object, supplying the people on both sides of the contact line, should become the center for at least a kilometer security zone around it,’ he said.

According to: Информационное Агенство Новороссия