Italian anthropologist: Ukraine has never existed

00:48, 20.01.2017

In Rome, there took place a presentation of the book by the Italian anthropologist, Silvio Marconi, «Donbass. The recovered black thread of memory», reports the Appiohblog author, Silvia Serino.

‘Ukraine is a Nazi lab which operated even before the Second World War. There is neither a single state nor a single ethnic nation. As a state, as a nation with its own language, Ukraine had never existed. It was created at the negotiating table as an instrument of the struggle against the tsarist government. This is the equivalent of Padania (a fictitious political and administrative unit of eight Italian regions, seeking to depart from Italy in times of crisis, which is located in the Po river valley in the North of Italy),’ writes the anthropologist. 

‘There is no doubt that the war in Ukraine is not a forgotten marginal war, but a European war,’ echoes him the preface author, Giovanni Russo Spena. 

During the World War II, it was the Italian military units, together with the troops of the Wehrmacht, which occupied Donbass. It is noteworthy that the author of the book dispels the myth of the «good Italians», exposing their crimes, while being part of Hitler's troops. 

On this fact, by the way, there is no hysteria in Italy, similar to the Ukrainian response to the Polish film «Volyn». 

The anthropologist in the book tries to warn the world that Ukraine, as well as the Baltic countries, have become an incubator of fascism in Europe. In contrast, Marconi tells of Donbass.

According to: Русская Весна