«ATO» volunteer threatened to shoot «tariff Maidan»

02:06, 16.11.2016Society

Roman Donnik, a Ukrainian volunteer and Euromaidan activist, announced his readiness to shoot the participants of the protest actions which took place in the center of Kiev. He wrote it on his Facebook page. According to the activist, he himself and his friends legally possess several firearms, most of them have participated in the war in Donbass, and now want to save the country ‘by any means’.

‘We are mentally prepared to use weapons to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Against anyone. We are ready for the fact that weapons can be used against us, too. It does not bother us. We will go for it… We will fight here for what we have held for almost three years. For what our friends and colleagues dies. If you do not like Poroshenko, you will re-elects him in the elections. Because at any other attempt to change the of regime, you will be simply killed. We will kill,’ threatens the volunteer.

According to: Новости Донецкой Республики