Kiev postponed showing the film «Volyn» for fear of riots

00:38, 19.10.2016Culture

The Ukrainian authorities decided to postpone showing in Kiev the Polish film «Volyn» about the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists during World War II, due to concerns that it could trigger riots. It was stated by Andrey Deschitsa, the ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, in an interview with the Polish Radio «Zet».

‘We were afraid of what the film «Volyn» could provoke in the streets. We have signals about possible protests, so we need to prepare the society. The scenes shown in the film are rather naturalistic, and in Ukraine, they can trigger a large enough negative reaction,’ he said.

Deschitsa did not rule out that places of showing the film could be picketed, as in Ukraine there are organizations that do not agree with the director Wojciech Smazhovsky’s interpretation of the events that occurred in the Volyn region.

At the same time, the ambassador expressed his confidence that the film «Volyn» would provoke a storm of emotions, but would not negatively impact on the relations of Poland and Ukraine.

‘The film will rather provide the basis for further discussion. There will be a desire so that the society and Ukrainian historians begin to closely study this issue,’ he said.