Kiev failed to withdraw troops breeding in LPR under false pretenses

02:17, 03.11.2016

The Ukrainian side once again disrupted the separation of forces and means near Stanitsa Luganskaya under false pretenses. It was stated by Vladislav Deynego, the authorized representative of the LPR at the Minsk negotiations, at the checkpoint of the People's Militia.

‘The situation is repeated systematically, the separation of forces and means again did not take place. And I would like to note that it wasn’t us who scheduled the date of November 2nd. This date was proposed by Leonid Kuchma during a video conference (of members of the Contact Group),’ said Deynego.

‘What is their reason is not clear to me. No violations of the ceasefire near Stanitsa Luganskaya had been observed. The OSCE did not document any facts that might have called into question the possibility of the separation in this region,’ he said.

‘Nevertheless, for far-fetched reasons, relying on their own, «visible» only to them, attacks, Ukraine refused to withdraw forces and means,’ said the authorized representative of the Republic.