When you hear 'Sieg Heil', be sure there we are being waited for...

13:24, 25.09.2015
The wick of a European war is already lit… The history of my family is quite untypical for the Germans. In 1945 my father was a 14-year-old member of the "Hitler Youth” and one of the million members of the Folkstorm. He was captured by the Red Army and then released as a minor. The Soviet soldiers spared my father like many of his peers. My grandfather, his father, didn’t fight in the war, he worked in the aircraft industry as an aeronautical engineer. After the war, together with his family, he was sent to Omsk where he worked in an aircraft factory. There my grandfather, Frederick Lerner, received the Soviet citizenship and lived in Omsk until 1979, and then moved with his family to Kiev in Ukraine. There he died in 1988. My grandfather was a staunch anti-fascist and he always said that Germany would never atone for the misanthropic criminal acts of Hitler. We lived in Kiev until 1993 when my parents, my family and I moved to Germany, to the town of Wasserburg am Inn where we now live. After Omsk and Kiev the town shocked and surprised me by its medieval architecture, patriarchal atmosphere and friendly people. I was born in Omsk and still love this beautiful Siberian city, the city of my childhood and adolescence. I owe it to my family that I have two Mother tongues - Russian and German. I’m writing in Russian because my numerous attempts to publish my impressions on what is going on now in Germany in the German language have failed. The German media refuse to publish such materials because the government of Angela Merkel seems to have decided to turn Germany into a blast pot of nations and peoples. I believe that it will end up in nothing good. And here’s why. The Germans, especially in towns such as mine, are used to the slow and quiet life. They take visitors calmly if they know that the latter are guests. However, when those visitors behave like hosts, not like guests, we, the Germans, gradually get annoyed, which can end badly. The first settlers from Turkey appeared in Germany in the early 60s. For the time being, they behaved quite decently. However, in 1974 the law on family reunification came into effect and hundreds of thousands of Turks migrated to Germany. Then in 2000 there was enacted the law "On the right of the soil”. According to it, any child born on the German territory had the right to a German passport. As a result, today the number of Turks in Germany has come up to three millions and a number of districts in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt look more like Istanbul or Ankara. Last year about 200 thousand people moved to Germany, mostly from the Middle East and Afghanistan. This year another 800 thousand people are expected to arrive. Meanwhile, in 2012 the number of immigrants was almost 16 millions, or 19.5% of the German population. As a result, even in such small towns as my Wasserburg am Inn the presence of immigrants from Muslim countries in the streets has become an everyday sight. And their presence is accompanied by the growth in crimes - fights, robberies, rapes. Violations of the rights of Germans are registered in tens and hundreds, but the authorities turn a blind eye to them. It’s not already unusual when German families are forcibly resettled in less comfortable flats while their apartments are given, free of charge, to migrants. Yesterday the son of my good friend told us the following story: during a sporting event, for the first time in ten years, a locker room was broken into and students’ bags and jackets were thoroughly searched through. Money, smartphones, tablets were gone … The students weren’t allowed to call the police; they were given a strange argument that the police would not look for anybody anyway under the new law "On ignoring petty crimes”. There are hundreds of stories like this. In the German society there is growing a mass discontent with the policies of the federal government. And I fear that it may end in mass demonstrations and an avalanche-like growing of the influence of right-wing and nationalist parties on both sides. I can’t exclude even Neo-fascists coming to power. It was the greatest insult to the memory of fighters against fascism when the federal government made the decision to place 21 thousand refugees ... in the barracks of the former Nazi concentration camp of Buchenwald. It had been one of the largest camps in Germany. From 1937 to 1945 about 250 thousand people had passed through it, mostly political prisoners. More than 50,000 had been killed there ... I could go on and on talking about the catastrophe taking place now in all spheres of the German society, but I want to ask the Chancellor Angela Merkel whether she realises that the European Union, the leader and driving force of which Germany was until recently, will collapse in the near future and possibly bury many countries, Germany included, under its debris. It is crystal clear that the EU has turned out to be completely unprepared for such a turn of events as an avalanche of refugees. And you quite naturally wonder what unknown but omnipotent and powerful levers of influence on Angela Merkel and other European leaders the United States have that the former have simply forgotten about the national interests of their own countries. After participating directly or indirectly in all the adventures of the USA, the EU got nobody but itself to blame for the fact that in the Middle East Iraq and the Libyan regime have been destroyed and Assad's Syria is on the verge of collapse. Wasn’t it clear that having bombed and destroyed the countries where tens of millions of people lived, the US and the EU have forced them to look for new places to stay? And they have nowhere to go except to Old Europe… Trying to get through to Germany where our foolish Chancellor Merkel is so insistingly inviting them, hundreds of thousands of refugees will inevitably conflict with the population of the countries that are in their way to the “heaven” - Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece and other. Over time, there will appear their own refugees who will rush further to the west of Europe - to Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, the Scandinavian states. If England still believes itself to be reliably protected by the English Channel, it is deeply mistaken because, to get rid of masses of refugees, France will just turn a blind eye on them and unobtrusively help them get to the territory of the United Kingdom. We should also add crumbling Ukraine to all this and imagine millions of Ukrainians rushing to the EU to seek jobs and shelters. Then it becomes obvious that due to the USA and unreasonable European leaders Europe is standing on the brink of a major war, the cause of which is, on the one hand, the desire of the population of Old Europe to protect itself from the flow of migrants and, on the other hand, the intentions of European leaders to prevent mass protests on this basis and use popular discontent for their own purposes. I'd really like to be wrong, but I am sure that the problem of millions of migrants has become the last stage of preparation for a big European massacre. Now anything can be used as a pretext to start it… Especially if you consider the fact that, according to our intelligence, militants from the Islamic state are massively penetrating Europe together with refugees. And I have again a question to the Chancellor Merkel: what was our intelligence doing earlier when the USA began to rock the situation in Iraq, Libya and Syria? This year, in August, on my way to Kiev I had to stay a night in Lvov. There I personally observed a crowd of young people walking around the city and chanting loudly real Nazi slogans, with torches in their hands and under Nazi banners. By the way, I would like to ask our Chancellor whether I can march in Berlin tomorrow, in Unter den Linden, under a banner with the swastika on it and chant loudly into a megaphone ‘Sieg Heil-Rudolf Hess-HITLERJUGEND-SS!’. After all, that’s exactly what Lvov followers of Nazism chant, those who walk openly in Ukrainian cities and kill people in the South-East of Ukraine. Their President Poroshenko is your good friend, the Chancellor, isn’t he? And you support him in every way, don’t you? When do you tell the truth? When we, in Germany, arrest a 91-year-old woman who is suspected of having been involved in 260 thousand deaths in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau? Or when you strongly support the Ukrainian openly Nazi regime and keep providing them with money? Let’s return, though, to my stay in Ukraine. Having arrived in Kiev and stayed there for ten days, having met my friends and acquaintances, I had to come to a conclusion that the Ukrainians were completely fooled by the American propaganda. The United States do so only for two purposes: firstly, to enrich themselves at the expense of the unfortunate citizens of Ukraine. And secondly, to create a bloody source of instability on the borders of Russia. However, I think that their second purpose serves only as a smoke screen for the first. One of my Kiev acquaintances who is actively involved in the pre-sales of the largest Ukrainian state-owned enterprises, told me that the already started campaign of discrediting the Ukrainian volunteer battalions hides a very cynical purpose … The members of the US State Department expert group on Ukraine are not interested in people of these battalions coming to power, as the latter may interfere with the members of the current Ukrainian government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Natalia Yaresko and promoting financial interests of the so-called "group of Madeleine Albright" which intends to get many of Ukrainian assets. The most interesting thing is that, according to my friend, the USAID, having checked the effectiveness of the use of funds of this expert group, found out that the latter had assigned and spent about 40 percent of the allocated funds, which caused a great scandal in the US Congress but was concealed from the public. So, Mrs Merkel, you aren’t satisfied that following in the wake of US policy you personally contributed to the rise of outspoken neo-Nazis to power in Kiev. You aren’t satisfied either that you contribute to the enrichment of some American politicians, the enrichment soaked in the blood of Ukrainian citizens. Now you’re unleashing a European war which will become the Third World one. I believe that the invasion of migrants in Europe and in Germany is of a particular benefit to US and European politicians because it will allow them to enrich themselves at stealing funds allocated for the resettlement of refugees. Besides, it will allow diverting Europeans’ attention from the problems in the European Union and drawing their wrath to refugees. But… Madame the Chancellor! What will happen when crowds of migrants, 80% of whom are quite healthy young men and among whom, according to our intelligence, there are many ISIS agents, come into conflict with our police and, looking for weapons, come to the US bases in Germany of which there are exactly 305 there? Do you want a war on the territory of Germany..? Source