Lugansk neo-Nazi group was paid by Ukrainian special services

04:03, 06.11.2016Society

The girlfriend of one of the leaders of the neo-Nazi group of football hooligans, detained in Lugansk, confessed that the leaders of the group were paid for their «patriotism».

Moreover, the leaders of the neo-Nazi underground group of the battalion «Azov», detained in Lugansk, used its ordinary members blindly. This was stated by a member of the group.

The day before, the LPR MGB officers detained a group of «ultras» of the Lugansk football club «Zarya», involved in subversive activities in the Republic.

Groups of fans of the football club «Ultras Black and White» are attempting to strengthen their destructive activities in the LPR, aimed at undermining the constitutional order of the Republic and discrediting the LPR authorities.