False Patriarch Filaret: Civilians of Donbass should wash off sin of federalization with blood and suffering

01:42, 05.11.2016Society

The head of the so-called the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchate (UOC (KP)), unrecognized in the Orthodox world, Mikhail Denisenko, declared Patriarch Filaret by schismatic, believes that the suffering of the residents of Donbass is a consequence of their sins.

‘Do not think that the population of Donbass is innocent of these sufferings. They are not. And they must atone for their sins with the suffering and the blood,’ calls the head of the dissenters.

According to Filaret, residents of Donbass ‘committed a completely new sin’.

‘Did they vote in the referendum for federalization? They did. Did they sin? They did. Here are the consequences of that sin. If they had not sinned, if they had not voted, they would not have it,’ says the false patriarch.

According to: Политнавигатор