DPR MGB detained a citizen of Ukraine on suspicion of plotting abduction of a soldier

19:24, 26.10.2016

Liliya Kotz, a member of the extremist right-wing organizations «Right Sector» and «Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN)», prohibited on the territory of the DPR, was arrested on suspicion of plotting the abduction of a soldier. It was reported by the press service of the DPR Ministry of State Security.

‘The DPR Ministry of State Security detained Liliya Kotz, born on 24.05.1988, a citizen of Ukraine and a native of New Rozdol in the Lvov region. It is established that Liliya Kotz, being an active participant of the Ukrainian right-wing extremist organizations Ukrainian Volunteer Corps «Right Sector» and «OUN» prohibited on the territory of the DPR, arrived in the territory of the Republic on the instructions of these organizations, with the purpose of the kidnapping of a soldier of the Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Donetsk,’ says the statement of the Ministry of State Security.

During operatively search actions by employees of the Ministruy, it was found that on the instructions of the organization «OUN», Kotz initiated a correspondence with a DPR soldier in the social network with the purpose of dating. During the communication, expressing her personal affection and having gained the confidence of the soldier, she arranged a personal meeting with him in order to kidnap and take him to the territory of Ukraine.

Just a few hours later, her employers and comrades gave up on her.

The «OUN» representatives denied the involvement of the Ukrainian woman captured by the DPR, in their ranks.

‘The Ukrainian woman Liliya Kotz that the so-called DPR Ministry of State Security detained in Donbass for alleged preparation of kidnapping of one of the terrorists and called an active participant of the «Right Sector», probably is not its member,’ said Artyom Skoropadsky, the head of the press service of the «Right Sector».