Moscow State University will help promote products of Donbass

04:34, 04.09.2016Economics

The Moscow State University will help to promote the products of Donbass enterprises on international markets. It was announced by Valery Gavrilenko, the vice-president of the Lugansk residents society in Moscow, within the framework of the economic forum in Lugansk.

‘I have agreed with the general director of the Technology Park of the Moscow State University, who was just happy to provide a platform, an international platform, on which we will discuss the new technologies developed in Donbass enterprises,’ he said.

‘The exhibition has greatly impressed me. I am amazed at the greatness of spirit of Lugansk residents, the grandeur of the Russian spirit. Just look at the Lutugino furniture factory. It is, in fact, reborn from the ashes. I bow my head to the courage of Lutugino residents,’ commented Gavrilenko on the exhibition of achievements of the LPR economy.

According to: Политнавигатор