Peaceful resident of Red Partisan wounded by AFU shelling

01:33, 27.02.2017

In the shelling of the locality of Krasny Partisan, on the edge of Yasinovataya, from the Ukrainian side, the night before was wounded a woman born in 1976. This was reported by the acting head of the village administration, Oleg Morgun. 

‘Yesterday, at about 19:00, the locality of Krasny Partisan was shelled from the Ukrainian positions. As a result of the shelling, there was wounded a woman born in 1976. She was wounded in the head and a hip. The victim was provided with timely assistance,’ he said. 

Morgun added that the Ukrainian military fire also damaged windows in two houses in the 70 years of October street.

According to: Новости Донецкой Республики