Morozova accused Kiev of manipulation of prisoners lists

23:52, 13.12.2016

Kiev manipulates the lists of illegally detained supporters of the DPR in order not to include them in the exchange lists, announced the DPR Commissioner for Human Rights, Daria Morozova.

‘The Ukrainian side has repeatedly manipulated the lists of detained persons, refusing to confirm people we declared. On this incident, I have written an official letter to the authorized representatives of the Ukrainian side in the humanitarian subgroup, as well as to representatives of the international community. I hope that the representatives of the UN and the International Red Cross Committee will immediately respond to my request and take appropriate measures,’ said the Ombudsman.

Morozova has once again stated that only the adoption of the amnesty law by Kiev, as prescribed by the Minsk Agreements, will solve this problem.

According to: Новости Донецкой Республики