IMF refused Ukraine a new tranche of loan

02:43, 19.11.2016Economics

As expected, the IMF refused to allocate Ukraine a new loan tranche and called it to confine to already a billion dollars issued in September.

The Fund stated, ‘The Ukrainian authorities need additional time for the implementation of current tasks stipulated in the program of cooperation with the IMF’.

It is stated in the statement of the IMF mission on the results of the work in Kiev from 3 to 17 November.

The IMF noted the progress made by Ukraine in the implementation of the program of targets for financial stability, having recalled the need to implement these objectives in the draft state budget of 2017.

‘The discussions on this policy will be continued in the next period,’ said the statement.

Yesterday it was reported that the IMF mission had left Kiev.

According to: Политнавигатор