Mortar exploded at NATO exercises near Nikolaev: there are victims

17:57, 01.08.2016

Today, on July 25 at about 11:00, on the 235th training ground "Wide Lan" near Nikolaev, where the NATO exercises "Sea Breeze" are being carried out, a 120-mm mortar exploded during shooting.

It is reported by the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

'According to preliminary information, in the explosion one soldier was killed, two seriously wounded, and another six slightly injured. An operative group is working on-site, carrying out an investigation to identify the causes and circumstances of the incident,' says the statement of the press service.

It is curious that the day before, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry reported, '"Sea Breeze 2016" is gaining momentum and is already demonstrating the dynamism and efficiency'.

'The coast component on the site "Wide Lan" (the Nikolaev region) having classes in the training units, working out coherence of the tactical groups, airlift, tactical and combat skills, fire efficiency, and training on first aid in combat conditions,' said the report.