Finnish observer: We record shelling of Donetsk by Ukraine every night

07:04, 29.07.2016

Instead of implementing the Minsk Agreements, Ukraine continues daily bombardments of Donetsk, said at a press conference Johan Bäckman, a political analyst and human rights activist from Finland, who arrived in the DPR to observe the preparations for the pre-voting (primaries).

‘Our entire delegation stays in a hotel. Every night we hear shelling by the Ukrainian artillery, every night we hear the APU bombarding objects and peaceful residential areas of your republic. That’s Ukraine’s attitude to democracy and the will of the people,’ he said.

‘I am convinced that the DPR today is the freest country in the world. I have seen with my own eyes that here live peaceful and friendly people who want to determine their own destiny. To this end, the DPR authorities have organized a platform to realize the desires of citizens, the primaries.

As a political scientist, I can say that your primaries are unique. They are open and transparent. Meanwhile, in many Western countries the electoral processes are almost entirely secret. There is no transparency there, political parties in the West just realize the interests of their sponsors.

But in the DPR, there are no political parties, no classical banking system. There is the people and the people's will. And a platform for its implementation,’ says Bäckman.