OSCE observers witnessed a Ukrainian tank attack on Zaitsevo

01:22, 14.12.2016

At about 7 am, on December 13, a T-64 tank moved out on the AFU positions located north of the locality of Zaytsevo, the suburb of Gorlovka. The tank was in the clear for a few minutes, then disappeared into a nearby groove, from where soon came rounds. The shells exploded in Zaitsevo, without causing harm to local residents by some miracle.

Another case of the Ukrainian military violating the Minsk Agreements prohibiting the use of large-caliber artillery, including tank guns, was recorded by observers of the OSCE mission, as well as Russian representatives in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) of the ceasefire.

The Ukrainian terrorists explained their actions by the fact that they had attacked as in the locality of Zaytsevo supposedly were seen ‘moving forces of the separatist, accompanied by military equipment’.