Nazis announced creation of "Kiev Defense Headquarters"

18:44, 20.07.2016

The Ukrainian nationalists from eight organizations joined together in the «Headquarters of Kiev defense» to prevent the arrival in the capital of members of the UOC MP (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate) procession for peace, which is simultaneously moving from Donbass and Western Ukraine.

It was written by the commander of the battalion OUN Nikolay Kokhanovsky on his page.

According to him, checkpoints will be set on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital where the procession participants plan to enter the city.

’On 23.07.2016 two tent camps will be set up: one on the Zhitomir highway, the other at the entrance to Kiev from Borispol. Of course, we need support, and we urge all Ukrainians to together defend Kiev from the pro-Moscow collaborators. Our goal is not to let collaborators into Kiev,’  wrote the radical.