Nazis started harassment an Odessite detained on May 9

01:18, 14.05.2017

A member of the extremist organization «The Right Sector» (organization prohibited in Russia), Sergey Sternenko, published on his Facebook page the data of a young Odessa citizen detained by the police during clashes with the Nazis on May 9. 

The only guilt of a young Odessa citizen was a fairly aggressive reaction to the appearance of the portrait of the leader of the Ukrainian Nazis, Shukhevych in the streets of Odessa on the Victory Day. 

The «Right Sector» member added appropriate comments to the publication of screens from the page of Dmitry Kiseluk. In addition, the Nazi published the data of the detainee's father and his home address.

Typically, in the comments to the post, Sternenko is already called upon to give the guy to the «Azov», ‘to stake him’ and ‘to cut him at home’. 

On May 9, the Victory Day, in Kiev, two people were detained for a banner with a picture of St. George's ribbon. In Odessa, nine residents of the city were detained. 

In Kiev, people were detained for attempting to deploy the Victory flag. Mass detentions were also made in Dnepropetrovsk. 

In addition, in the Ukrainian capital, the Nazis prevented Russian diplomats from commemorating the victims of the Great Patriotic War.

According to: Информационное Агенство Новороссия