Nazis in Kiev almost destroyed a cafe because of the Russian language

02:11, 22.05.2017

In the center of Kiev, the Nazis staged a quarrel with a cafe staff, when a client was denied service in the Ukrainian language. 

A visitor to a cafe on the Bessarabskaya Square said that one of the guests had not liked it when an employee of the cafe was speaking Russian and had insistently asked him to speak Ukrainian, which the waiter had not liked either. 

‘A verbal skirmish ensued, after which the young man ran out of the cafe. The cafe was closed,’ the visitor said. 

However, the conflict did not end there. After a while, the Nazis gathered the place where the squabble had occurred. They threatened to smash the cafe, if its staff did not fulfill their demand.

According to: Информационное агенство News Front