The unknown spoiled engines of Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicles

04:58, 15.11.2016Society

Back in September of this year, four diesel engines for military equipment were delivered on trucks to Krasnoarmeysk. For about two months, the engines were kept in the enterprise where the Ukrainian military are now repairing various combat vehicles, but this week all four «diesel engines» were installed on infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2.

However, when the refurbished vehicles were started on November 12, it was found that on one of them the engine was out of order. It is reported by the war correspondent Marina Kharkova.

According to her, when engines were disassembled, it was discovered that there was sand in them.

‘A similar situation occurred in Leningrad in 1942. Then, during an aerial bombardment of the besieged city, one of the bombs dropped by German bombers, did not explode. After the air raid, Soviet engineers investigated the cause of it. They managed to dissemble the unexploded bomb and saw that someone had filled the body of the munition with sand instead of explosives. Moreover, in the bomb casing, there was also enclosed a note in German, ‘Hello from antifascists of Germany’,’ summed up Kharkova.

According to: Информационное Агенство Новороссия