Neo-Nazi march in Ivano-Frankovsk in honor of Galicia SS division

02:12, 01.05.2017

The Ukrainian Nazis marches are commonplace in Ukraine after the coup in Kiev. 

In Ivano-Frankovsk, the far right held a march in honor of the 73rd anniversary of the creation of the SS division «Galicia». About 100 people marched with flares through the streets of the city to the Memorial Park where a memorial service for the deceased members of the division was held. 

Ivano-Frankovsk is the leader among the Ukrainian cities where many join organizations of neo-fascists.

The day before, the congratulation on the anniversary of this division was also posted on the Facebook page of the «Right Sector».

https://youtu.be/MqrFbPUIHZQ (404)

According to: Информационное агенство News Front