Normandy format of four converted into five

00:35, 21.10.2016Politics

Tens of thousands of residents of Donetsk, who came to the farewell ceremony with the battalion commander «Sparta», Arseny «Motorola» Pavlov, is a demonstration that the participants of the Normandy format will have to reckon with the position of the Republics of Donbass, which, in fact, are turning into a fifth subject of the negotiation process.

It was stated by Armen Gasparyan, a Russian analyst and radio host.

‘The negotiations of the «Norman Quartet» took place against the background of an impressive demonstration of the solidarity of the people of Donbass, into which turned the funeral of the Hero of the DPR, Arseny «Motorola» Pavlov, killed by Ukrainian terrorists. Over 50 thousand residents of Donetsk, who came to bid farewell to the Hero, influenced the atmosphere of the negotiations very seriously.

It became obvious for both Western leaders and Poroshenko that the people of Donbass should be taken into account. That they would fail to impose unilateral and hasty decisions on it. That these people people can not be excluded from the negotiations.

Actually, the bastardly murder of Motorola has turned the «Norman format» into the «Norman five». Donbass, which showed their willingness to continue the fight,  has become the fifth side,’ stated Gasparyan.

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