Odessites bring flowers to Kulikovo Pole in memory of the dead on May 2, 2014

20:01, 02.05.2017

On Tuesday morning, residents of Odessa are bringing flowers to the Kulikovo Pole to commemorate the victims of the tragedy of May 2, 2014, when as a result of clashes in the city center and a fire in the Trade Union House, nearly 50 people were killed. 

A public rally in memory of the tragic events of May 2, 2014, will begin at 14.00 (Moscow time). There are no official events scheduled for this day. 

Dozens of people with flowers are coming to the Kulikovo Pole today. The area of the square is blocked, including with military vehicles, it can be accessed only through one entrance with metal detectors. In addition, on the territory of the square a corridor for people's passage was created. 

Near the building of the House of Trade Unions there are already a lot of flowers, people are constantly coming up. The situation on the Kulikovo Pole is calm. There are no incidents.

According to: РИА Новости