‘Occupants are not seen off like this’: Leaflets about «Motorola» in Kharkov

02:13, 22.10.2016Society

Residents of Kharkov, using leaflets pasted on houses of the city, showed how many people had come to bid farewell to a man who the Kiev authorities call a «terrorist».

The Kharkov residents once again showed their disagreement with the Kiev regime that had unleashed a punitive operation against the civilian population of Donbass. People said that the defenders of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics are not «terrorists» and «separatists», and the heroes of Donbass.

‘In Kiev, they will say that he was a terrorist. No. A terrorist is not followed by so many people. Occupants are not seen off into the last journey like this. Only real heroes have such an escort,’ read some plastered leaflets.