Parasyuk disclosed the purpose of seizing DFP by Ukrainian radicals

01:58, 26.02.2017

According to the Ukrainian MP Vladimir Parasyuk, cutting off the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republic of power, water and gas, as well as blocking the trade between the LDPR and Ukraine would return, in a short time, the People's Republics under the control of Ukraine. He stated this on the Ukrainian TV channel «NewsOne». 

‘If we now cut off electricity, gas, water and all possible energy sources that are coming there and supplied by Ukraine, if we ban any trade, I guarantee that exactly in 10 days, all these areas will come back,’ he said, adding that ‘it is now more difficult to say because the winter is already coming to the end. But at the peak of the winter, they would have come back on their own without any effort’. 

Being asked what to do with the fact that via Donetsk, the water enters the temporarily Ukraine-controlled Pokrovsk and Mariupol, the MP said that ‘this is a war’ and in the war, there are complexities.