Partizans in Ukraine: Now Kherson

04:04, 23.11.2016

In the Kherson region, there occurred a delay in the movement of an automobile convoy of the Ukrainian army. In the afternoon on November 21, on the highway, west of Kherson, army trucks transporting various military equipment were moving in the direction of the Nikolaev region.

At about 3 pm it was still light, but the driver of the truck leading the convoy, did not notice a device with prickly spines, called «hedgehog», stretched across the road. It was reported by a war correspondent Marina Kharkova on her page in the social network.

The war correspondent noted that ‘such devices are used by the law enforcement officers to arrest criminals traveling by car’.

‘The truck leading the convoy hit the «hedgehog» and immediately got two flat front tyres. The whole convoy had to stop and wait for the types to be changed change,’ informed Kharkova.

She also added that ‘people who installed the «hedgehog» on the highway, are being looked for, but to no avail. The AFU command and the police have no information about the Kherson partisans’.

According to: Информационное Агенство Новороссия