Captured sapper from DPR hospitalized after questioning in SBU

02:49, 14.10.2016

A sapper of the DPR Armed Forces, detained by the Ukrainian military in the area of Shirokino, was brutally beaten by the SBU. Now he is in a hospital in Mariupol in serious condition, said the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic, Daria Morozova.

‘The man who addressed to the Office of the Commissioner, informed that Ruslan Andrievsky (callsign Rusya) had been delivered in serious condition to the intensive care unit in one of the hospitals in Mariupol. The source added that the day before yesterday, the illegally detained sappers had been taken to the SBU in Mariupol, left there for the night, and then Ruslan Andrievsky had been taken to hospital and the other sappers had been brought to the detention center №7,’ says the statement of the DPR Ombudsman.

Morozova said that after the severe beating, the sapper had ruptured spleen and broken ribs.

‘I have addressed to the head of the Office of the UN monitoring mission for human rights in Donetsk with a request to take appropriate actions upon this particular case of abuse of illegally detained citizens. I hope that the representatives of the United Nations will immediately respond to my appeal ,’ summed up the official.

On June 27, the AFU opened artillery fire on the outskirts of the locality of Shirokino in the south of Donbass, where the engineers were carrying out works on de-mining, agreed with the OSCE. Two men were killed and eight shell-shocked, and subsequently captured by the nationalist battalions.