Minister of Interior ordered police not to prevent tearing off St. George ribbons in Kharkov

16:37, 11.05.2016

In Kharkov, during the events dedicated to the Victory Day at the Memorial of Glory, the nationalists staged a fight.

The incident occurred when Andrey Lesik, a deputy of the City Council, was laying flowers at the Memorial. Nationalists saw a St. George ribbon on his chest and started a fight.

The conflict broke out after the youth with Ukrainian flags would not let people with St. George ribbons and others come up to the Eternal flame.

The police cordoned off the Memorial and separated the participants of the fight from each other. One of law enforcement officers got his nose broken when the nationalists hit him in the face with the shaft of the flag.

The Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes told off the police for letting the collision happen. The mayor also visited the memorial and tried to find out why the police hadn’t been not able to stop the conflict.

‘Why are you allowing the orders to be torn off of the veterans? There are veterans there, near the monument; can you provide a kind of order or is it not your problem? Tell me whether it is allowed to do this or you are allowed to close your eyes to it? There are four of you here, let two go there to stop them from tearing the orders off of the veterans. Do not let them do it. You live because of them, and no one has abolished this holiday. As far as I heard, your Minister said that five thousand policemen would guard the order in Kharkov. Where is this order?’ asked Kernes a group of the policemen.