Poroshenko surpassed times of Golodomor

23:31, 12.09.2016Economics

The mortality rate in Ukraine exceeds the birth rate, which did not happen even in times of famine of 1932-33. It was declared by Viktor Kulchitsky, representing the union of public organizations of the Khmelnitsky region, at a roundtable in Kiev, dedicated to the security of Ukraine.

‘How to reduce the country's population? There are several ways, such as a war, pestilence, famine. We have all three components now. In 2015, the mortality rate was 5.5%. I studied the statistics: during the Golodomor (famine) when people dies en mass, the population increase was greater mortality. We have today the death rate exceeding the birth rate. Is it not a genocide?’ he said.

He expressed the fear that the situation could get worse if the MPs of the Verkhovnaya Rada were allowed to further reduce social standards in the budget of Ukraine for 2017.

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