Poroshenko will have to buy coal in LDPR

00:42, 28.09.2016Economics

Poroshenko’s regime will have to buy coal in the LDPR or Ukraine will freeze this winter. It was stated by Mikhail Volynets, the chairman of the independent trade union of miners.

According to him, on the Kiev-controlled part of Donbass no mines, there are no mines producing anthracite coal, on which half of the thermal power plants of Ukraine run.

‘It’ll be hard to survive the winter. Without anthracite coal, we will not survive. We have to deliver coal from the occupied territory, we have no other choice. This coal is twice cheaper than that from the South Africa. We have never had such small reserves of coal at the power plants. There is slightly more than 500 thousand tons of anthracite coal in warehouses. There appear problems in our homes: it is cold, uncomfortable, children start getting ill, and that’s it,’ said Volynets.

He also added that the Ukrainian sea ports would not be able to take as much imported coal as needed to fully cover the needs.

‘Firstly, we need deep-water areas to deliver coal by 150 thousand ton ships. We have few such areas, and they are mainly used for grain, there is another unloading technology, another rail transport, and we do not have enough train cars, and so on. The infrastructure is underdeveloped,’ he said.

According to: Политнавигатор