After scandal with UN Secretary General, Ukraine decided to quarrel with Council of Europe Secretary General

03:12, 22.06.2016

The Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is preparing a letter to express their outrage at the absence of facts about human rights violations in the Crimea and a part of the Donbass uncontrolled by Kiev, in the report of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland.

It was announced by Iryna Gerashchenko, the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovnaya Rada, on her Facebook page.

She wrote that the MP from the “Batkivschyna" party Sergey Sobolev asked Jagland a question from the Ukrainian delegation at the PACE session.

‘How come that in the annual report of the Secretary General on Human Rights, on its 104 pages, there is not a single word about the violation of fundamental human rights in the annexed Crimea and occupied Donbass, not a single mention of tortures and arrests of the Crimean Tatars, hostages, violations of the right to life, freedom of expression and security?’ he said.

According to Gerashchenko, the Council of Europe Secretary General Jagland gave ‘a terrible and cynical’ answer to this question.

‘He said that allegedly the information on the state of human rights in the occupied Crimea and Donbass is not included in the annual report on human rights because this report shall include information obtained from the CE special monitoring missions, etc. As no mission was admitted in the Crimea and Donbass last year, no information was included in the report,’ she quoted the Secretary General.

The MP pointed out that Yanland had been answering the question of the Ukrainians in an uncertain manner.

‘It's just awful! He answered in a very insecure way, and his position is outrageous. It turns out that if the Russian Federation has closed the occupied territories from the world, the Council of Europe will keep silent about the abuse of the Ukrainians and the Crimean Tatars, won’t it? It's a shame,’ summed up Gerashchenko.