EU ambassadors approved visa-free regime for Ukraine

01:06, 27.04.2017

The Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Member States of the European Union supported the granting of visa-free regime to Ukraine. 

The decision was made without discussion. It is also reported that the Committee supported the draft legislative act of the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union on amendments to the list of third countries whose citizens must obtain a visa to cross the border, and those that do not need it (Ukraine).

The adopted decision must be approved by the Council of the European Union, whose meeting will be held on May 11, followed by its signing by the presidents of the EP and the Council of the EU in the European Parliament. 

On Thursday, April 6, the European Parliament supported the introduction of a simplified visa regime for citizens of Ukraine, the resolution was adopted at the session of the EP. However, the migration service of Ukraine did not notice the rush demand for a foreign passport. 

In the commentary for the Novorossia news agency, Sergey Baryshnikov, the director of the Center for Political Analysis and Technologies (Donetsk), called the decision of the EP ‘a political aspect that no longer has any real importance’.

According to: Информационное Агенство Новороссия