President Poroshenko secretly left Ukraine

06:57, 29.07.2016

It is becoming hot in Ukraine. Alexander Turchinov speaks about the introduction of martial law. Pavel Sheremet is killed in Kiev. The situation aggravates in Donbass. At that time the Interior Minister Avakov has gone on holiday. As has the Kiev mayor Klitschko. However, they are not alone.

As sources in the Ukrainian State Aviation Administration reported, on 22 July, late in the evening, a private plane Golfstream 200 (T7-PRM board room) with the President on board flew from the Julyany to Malaga (Spain). Poroshenko has a villa near Malaga, which has been repeatedly reported by the Ukrainian media.

The President’s holiday and his absence in the capital are not advertised. From his Spanish estates, President even issues orders. In particular, on July 25, there were made public his instructions to the Prime Minister and the Mayor of Kiev to strengthen security measures.

However, there is a question of why the Ukrainian leaders suddenly decided to leave Ukraine. Is something brewing? So far, this question remains unanswered.