On Russian-Ukrainian border Russian citizens to be required to renounce Putin on camera

01:43, 10.11.2016Society

In Ukraine, the activists have proposed to let to his country only those Russians who are willing to renounce the policy of Putin, and to do so under the record, on camera.

In particular, a volunteer Roman Donik informed on his Facebook page of his intention to submit a proposal to the MPs of the Verkhovnaya Rada, Yarosh, Andrey Teteruk and some others, known for their anti-Russian rhetoric.

According to this initiative, citizens of the Russian Federation are to be interrogated on camera at their entrance to Ukraine. If they say that they do not support Putin's policies, condemn ‘the annexation of the Crimea’ and ‘the participation of the Russian armed forces in the war in Donbass’, they will be allowed to enter Ukraine. If they refuse to do so, they are to be sent back to Russia.

Such «honest confessions» are to be video recorded and uploaded to the Internet. In addition, Donik encourages all the Russians ‘to denounce each other’.

For this purpose, it is proposed to create a special data base of informers’ testimonies. Border guards will open every Russian’s history, and if the latter has a record of Ukraine hating remarks, he is to be turned down on the border.

According to: Вести